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My Commercial Roof Is Leaking: What Can I Do?

If you have found a puddle in your warehouse or stains on a ceiling tile you have reason to be concerned about possible roof leaks.

Caring for a commercial roof leak promptly is important because the rooftop is your protection from weather and from damage that can be caused by water invasion.

No one wants water damage to the structure, equipment or products, or place personnel or clients at risk from slips or falls!

If you have any concerns regarding your flat, low slope, or metal roof system, ACR is here to help.

Causes of Commercial Roof Leaks

Leaks can develop due to storm damage, rooftop activity, rooftop equipment failure, improper maintenance, or simple aging. Here are some indications that a roof may be leaking:

  • Stained ceiling / walls – Exposure to water may change the appearance of the ceiling or walls. Take note of discoloration or stains, bubbles or blisters, efflorescence on masonry surface – there may be water intrusion.
  • Odor – A musty smell or an unusual dampness in the air could be due to water in the building. Mold may be active in moist environments, creating the musty smell.
  • Puddles inside / dripping water – This is the most obvious sign of a roof leak. Other causes can exist as well. If the water is dripping from an a/c duct it could be due to condensation or it could be from a roof leak dripping into or onto the ductwork. Sprinkler systems or overhead water lines often are first identified as a roof leak. Take a little time and a good flashlight to search for the source of the suspected leak.

If your facility is experiencing leaking, you might ask yourself, “What is the cause?”

Typical commercial roof leak sources are due to failed caulk or flashing details, punctures or slices in the roof surface, failing or improperly maintained rooftop a/c units, fans or other equipment, roof movement at parapet walls or expansion joints, or at any of the many details encountered on rooftops.

The good news is that routine maintenance can often prevent these problems from occurring.

What to Do When Your Commercial Roof Is Leaking

Having the roof inspected at least annually is a great way to catch problems before they become a serious issue.

Regular maintenance will also extend the service life of your roof system.

If a leak occurs, consider these steps:

Mark the source

Place a mark on the floor or note on the ceiling or structure where the drip can be seen.

Doing this will be a great help to our repair crew because it will help us locate the problem area on the rooftop.

It is best to do this as the leak occurs, so that should the area dry later, we will still be able to locate where you noticed the leak and where water was coming in.

Make sure you let employees know about the leak and if necessary, rope off the area to prevent slips or falls on slick surfaces.

Minimize damage

It is important to clear the affected area of any expensive equipment or supplies or if clearing the area is not possible, cover items with plastic or a tarp for protection.

Look for other issues

Leaks can be sneaky. Visible water entering the building does not always mean the roof directly above that area is responsible.
Water can travel significant distances within the roof, within ductwork, or along structural members.

Look for any details in the leak area that may help pinpoint the problem (wet sprinkler piping or conduits, drips from ductwork, or on structural elements where water may be seen).

Hopefully the leak is due to a minor issue, but there is the possibility the roof has other damage or needs additional work.

For instance, storm damage may involve a loose a/c door or other equipment that tumbled across the roof, causing numerous punctures but possibly only one visible leak.

Part of our services can be a full inspection of your rooftop and a detailed report on the roof condition.

As noted above, maintenance prevents leaks, avoids damage to the building or contents, and can add years to the service life of the roof system.

The most important step – Call ACR!

Our experienced crews will make the necessary repairs to keep your building watertight and the building, contents, and staff safe.

If deemed necessary, we will have one of our sales professionals visit to conduct a rooftop inspection and prepare information to help you determine the most cost-effective means to extend your existing roof system life, or if the decision is to replace, outline various options to determine the best way to meet your needs.


For most business owners, the facilities they own represent a major capital investment and a critically important, long-term asset.
It is necessary to protect that investment with consistent, professional roof maintenance, to catch and repair roof problems before serious damage occurs.

Proper maintenance will help you forget you own a roof, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on your business, instead of worrying about the roof.

Schedule an evaluation with ACR for your commercial building roof needs today!

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